The Made In Story

Born out of our 100-year old, family-owned restaurant supply business, we started Made In to bring restaurant-quality, performance kitchenware to home cooks around the world. We're excited you're here to cook with us.

- Jake & Chip, Co-Founders of Made In

chip and jake founders
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Officially, Made In began six years ago, when we first launched the Award-Winning Stainless Clad Cookware that earned us our place in professional kitchens. But we didn’t just come out of nowhere—we began almost 100 years ago, as a small, family-run business providing chefs with high-end Cookware.

When we finally made the leap from supplying to creating, we did so with generations of expertise, passion, and industry knowledge. We worked on that first Stainless Clad Frying Pan for well over a year, but before that we were already authorities in the field. Not only did we understand what chefs were looking for, but we knew the major pitfalls of the options available to them.

Our family history earned us relationships with some of the greatest craftsmen and manufacturers in the world, most of whom have storied histories of their own. It’s how we became the first retailer to bring home cooks the finest china that has been produced exclusively for restaurants for over a century in Stoke-on-Trent, England. And it’s why in Thiers, France, our Knives are forged by the 700-year-old family business that invented the modern Chef Knife.

It’s due to our longstanding connection to the industry, the chefs, the makers, the tools, and even the raw materials that we’re able to offer such high-quality kitchen essentials. We’ve collaborated directly with leaders like Chefs Grant Achatz, Mashama Bailey, and Matt Horn to fine tune each tool we offer, and even partnered with a few chefs, like Nancy Silverton and Tom Colicchio, to invent brand new ones.

Today, we’re proudly found in thousands of restaurants across the world, some of them Michelin-starred. We’re in hundreds of thousands of home kitchens, too. Our goal remains the same: combine the artistry of traditional craftsmanship with the expertise of professional chefs to create new heirlooms that reflect the modern food landscape. Like our family business, they will endure for generations.

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